Comprehensive guide on buying a great ping pong table

Table tennis is a really fun game that can help you spend your free time and at the same time keep your body fit. In fact, you can buy one for your family, office or even for a professional table tennis gamer. Whether you are into playing for fun or you are competitive about it, there are some different types of tables you can choose from. With several brands and models to choose from, it can be quite overwhelming to select a ping pong table of your choice.

Most people end getting frustrated because they do not understand what a good gaming table entails. Never rush to ordering a ping pong table because of just the appearance or the price. There are several other factors to consider before investing in one. Either outdoor or indoor, they both have common factors that must be considered. Keep reading this guide on buying the best ping pong table.

ping pong table
Outdoors or indoors

Always consider the place where the table will be installed. There is a slight difference between an outdoor and an indoor ping pong table. Outdoor ping pong tables are normally thinner than those for indoors. And they are made of aluminum materials. They do not get affected by the harsh elements of weather experienced outside. This factor depends on the amount of space available inside or outside. Therefore, identify the place where it will be installed before making the next move.

The cost

Always try to work within your budget. However, it is good to same some more money to buy a quality ping pong table that will last longer. In fact, the thicker the ping pong table top, the greater the bounce. Always draft a reasonable budget and remember to include the cost of bats, a net, freight, and balls. You can buy a ping-pong table for a hundred dollars but remember the cheap is expensive. The cost of a table depends on the material used, additional features, the size and the top thickness.

ping pong player
Permanent or mobile

You should determine if you want a permanent or a portable one. For a permanent ping pong table, you need set aside a zone where it will be installed. If you want a portable table, then will be easy to set it up and even store after you have finished using it. A mobile table should have rollers to facilitate easy movement from one point to another. Make sure the portable one has brakes to restrict movements when in the store.

Other features

Whenever you want to buy a new ping pong table ensure that you look at all the features that it comes with. Apart from rollers, there are several other noticeable and important features that should be considered. There are tables that can be folded to save a lot of storage space. However, you should make sure that the quality is good because constant folding can cause breakages to low-quality setups. For professional ping pong tables, they can be folded to create a wall. This wall acts as an opponent whenever you are training.