Ways to Improve Your Erection for a More Satisfying Sex Life

Stiffness and endurance are two characteristics that most men are seeking to achieve. Stiffness alone, but only for a short time, will not be satisfying to women. Stamina that lasts for hours, but without enough stiffness, is also a waste of efforts.

Good quality erection is the result of having a healthy mind and body. The psychological condition is often overlooked and ignored when sex is being discussed. It is a reckless move because it actually does have some effects on our erection. Habits that are defective in our health are also neglected. Adding too much salt or sugar in the diet, and smoking, are all small neglectable habits that contribute to the quality of the erection.

Here is the detailed science to that.

Overcoming your psychological burdens

Here is the hardest and most abstract factor that can affect the quality of men’s erection. Many things can be burdening to our minds, but below is the list of the most common psychological erection killers:

1. Having an affair

When men are playing around and not being faithful to their spouse, like it or not, sooner or later guilt will follow. And the worst guilt will strike men who have decided to build a family and have kids.

Without being judgemental, if you do as described and have experienced the symptom of impotence, it is better for you to consult with a psychologist. Psychologists know the best solutions for the disturbed minds.

2. Pregnancy-phobic

When you are in a casual relationship, your fear of getting your partner pregnant might be too overwhelming. Even if you are married, you might still be possible to feel the fear, especially if you and your partner are not mentally and financially prepared for having babies.

By being aware of this factor, perhaps wearing condoms or consulting physicians for getting the best contraceptives can be the solution.

It lies in your diet

beefy mealFatty, sugary and salty foods are the most efficient erection killers that strike directly to your health. Fatty foods supply fats more than needed by the body. Chicken wings, meatballs, bacon, and burgers are notorious for containing too many calories that even a long marathon for the whole day cannot burn them.

Body fat reduces the muscle percentage, while you need strong muscles to perform well on the bed. Sugary foods, such as doughnuts, sweets, and flavored beverages contain too much sugar, which later stored as fat if not used. It also messes up with your insulin production, which can increase the risk of contracting diabetes.

supplementsTry taking supplements that contain good fatty acid. Usually, they are made from natural sources, such as fish, soybeans, and nuts. But when you are in a hurry for a quickie, the good old natural viagra can be your reinforcement. It is extracted from Amazonian herbs and mixed with traditional formula so that you do not need to be worried about dangerous chemicals.

Strengthening your core muscle

street-workoutThe muscle that strongly affects our strength when we make love is our core muscle. It is time to cut the guts’ fats and replace it with more muscle.

Resistant training regimens such as planks and push-ups are proved effective to improve the core muscle coordination. Set the workouts to aim for more functionality than cosmetic appearance. Forget that six pack abs ambition if it is not realistic for you. The key to successful workout programs is to know how to set achievable goals.