Health Benefits of Hiking

Hiking seems to be one option that all adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts always put on the list. Whenever they have free time, sorting out all the gear and equipment before going to the hiking site is something that they prefer to do. Although it is only a matter of a preferred physical activity, hiking proves to have great benefits for health. It is also a great way to motivate those who prefer to sit all day inside and try to make them move their bodies.

a hiker wandering alone


The term fitness can be too broad to describe things like this matter. However, it is still one adequate term to explain what one will get if they hike regularly. Walking up and down the hill means moving the entire body, especially the legs. When you do it frequently, your body will start making adjustments to accommodate your movement. You will probably see swollen calves and thighs, but it is only part of the overall positive changes. Increasing muscle mass is a sign that your muscles get appropriate chances to move, and it is where fitness begins to appear. Those with a fit body is not those with a naturally slender body, but those who move and exercise regularly. It is something that needs redefinition as people these days tend to believe that being fit means being slender.

A Fun Way to Exercise

Those who like nature can benefit from their hobby to accommodate their needs for proper exercise. They can easily hike up and down the hill or mountain while enjoying themselves. One good thing about hiking is that it also makes a great workout. Hiking for one hour can burn 500 calories, which is quite a spectacular number for a fun workout. Compared to other types of exercise, such as jogging or running, hiking can sometimes be much easier if you know how to do it. Instead of a rocky and extremely steep trek, it is advisable to hike through a flatter hiking trek.

Weight Loss

Hiking also encourages weight loss. Those who need to shed those extra pounds off of their body can go hiking at least twice a week. However, note that different people may have different conditions, body types, and metabolism. You cannot expect to lose a few pounds during a certain period only because other people have successfully lost weight. Instead, you need to understand your basic metabolism, along with your body endurance. Then, you can plan a personalized hiking program if you aim for faster weight loss.