When it comes to playing hockey, the most important thing besides your skill is your hockey stick. A good stick highlights your skills and also helps give your performance a push once the game starts. To give their best performance, field hockey sticks for experts need to meet certain requirements. Some of these requirements include the following:


The best field hockey sticks for experts need to be made from strong, durable materials, such as fiberglass and composite. This is because this type of sticks allow the players to have excellent control over the ball, perform drag-flicking, and hit the ball more powerfully.

However, the position you play will also determine the type of material you should choose for your hockey stick. For a lightweight stick is the most ideal for you because it will allow you to run fast while holding it. This means a fiberglass stick is the best for you. They are also a favorite by experts because of their rigidity and durability.

For experts with fine-tuned skills, composite hockey sticks are the most preferred ones. They are made from various materials and provide several different characteristics depending on the particular materials used to make them as well as their percentage. In most cases, composite sticks are made of a combination of carbon, fiberglass, Kevlar, and Aramid. Also, if a lighter stick is preferred, it should contain a higher percentage of fiberglass. Mostly, each expert needs to try out different types of sticks to find out the one that meets his or her specific needs.

Right Balance Point

hockey Apart from being lightweight, a good stick for experts should have the right balance point so that the head feels extremely lightweight. This essentially helps the player attain maximum speed and responsiveness when handling the ball.


The best stick for experts should also provide excelled grip abilities. This allows for excellent control of the stick under any weather conditions. Stick with a nice, firm grip can allow you to play in the rain or under extremely hot temperatures without any problem.

Hitting power

Another great characteristic of an excellent stick for experts is the ability to offer great power when hitting the ball. This makes the ball to attain a high level of acceleration, which is most ideal.

Stick Bow

Expert players will take advantage of the stick shape to help increase speed as well as accuracy for their specialized skills. For those able players who are good in drag flicking, sweeping, and flying skills, a highly low bow of 24.75 is ideal for them.

A small bow of 24 mm is perfect for every position in the field.This is because sticks that have this type of bow help ball control as well as making flying skills much easier without having any effect on hitting technique.

A classic bow of 22 mm is the standard curve and its best for maximum control and power.


Field hockeyField hockey sticks weigh from 535 to 560 grams. However, each player has his or her preference as far as weight is concerned. However, a lightweight stick allows for quick wrist movement, thus leading to quick backswing and stick skill. Also, it is associated with a perfect reception.

On the other hand, a heavier stick can help add more power to your hits and also associated with durability.