Things to Know More About Carrageenan

For the past years, there has been a controversy about the effectiveness of carrageenan products. Researchers and nutritional professionals have not yet come up with a definite conclusion about these critics of the carrageenan safety.

While studies show that the carrageenan is beneficial to the body, other researchers claim, it is a harmful substance especially to the digestive system of human being. Even with the evidence from the experiments and numerous tests, campaigns are calling a ban while others strongly support the use of carrageenan in organic food production.

Carrageenan: What is it?

carrageenan puddingCarrageenan is an additive used in the processed foods that we take every day, ranging from the cheese to salad dressing to almond milk. Carrageenan is an extract from edible seaweeds that is used to make yogurt creams and ice cream as well as an alternative to gelatin.

Manufacturers in the food industry use the carrageenan to prevent organic food taste by stabilizing it. The processed foods use carrageen as an ingredient so they can last longer without spoiling.

Praises of Carrageenan

For centuries now, many families across the globe have been nurturing the seaweed that produces carrageenan so they can make it on their own. People have been praising the carrageen for its health benefits when boiled with water or milk. The earliest record showed that the carrageenan was used to cure multiple diseases especially those that are associated with the digestive system.

Benefits of Carrageenan

The countries that harvest the carrageenan products are said to have improved their economy because many food industries depend on this food additive in their production. Seaweed farmers have earned themselves the best standards of living and other substandard improvements through the production of the carrageenan products.

Statistics show that more than 30,000 families across all continents are living a sustainable lifestyle by growing the seaweed. Additionally, the seaweed is environmentally friendly because it does not require pesticides or fertilizer to grow. They are capable of growing with the greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. They are also the best source of food for the marine life.

Why Do Foods Contain Carrageenan?

Food industries approve the use of carrageenan products in the organic food products because it is a versatile ingredient. Carrageenan is an ingredient that can reduce wastage because it extends the life of the natural food products without losing their quality.

People all over the world can find food products from outside countries without being spoiled sooner. Additionally, the carrageenan helps organic food manufacturers to include animal proteins and vegetables in products without compromising the taste.

Is Carrageenan Safe

bowl of green seaweed

Despite the controversial demonstrations conducted by scientists, many states are approving the use of carrageenan as an additive. The health organizations are, however, evaluating the effectiveness of the carrageenan in the human body before they make a clarification and reveal facts about its safety.