Background on Carrageenan and its Health Benefits

In technical terms, FMC carrageenan are sulfated polysaccharides. They are highly preferred in the food industry as a stabilizing and thickening agent. They have a unique ability to bind proteins making them useful in dairy products and meat. Carrageenan is highly merited in infant formula and juices.

Sources of carrageenans

The main commercial source of carrageenan’s is a special variety of seaweed. They are red in color and edible. After harvesting, the seaweed is dried than baled. After this, it is ground after which it undergoes sifting and washing to remove impurities such as sand. Afterwards, the seaweed is soaked in alkali solutions such as potassium hydroxide. The heating is to separate the carrageenan from seaweed. Cellulose will then be mechanically removed by centrifugation and filtration. The remaining solution is evaporated to shed off any remaining water. The powdered carrageenan is then finally ground.

When at home carrageenan can be used for commercial production. The technique has been used ever since 600BC. However, commercial production did not commence until the 1930s. Carrageenan has been classified into three main categories which depend on the degree of sulphation. Those in the lambda have three sulfates. The antioxidant activity present in carrageenan makes it useful for use in health supplements. The lambda remains the most commonly used form. It does not have a gel version and is highly soluble in water.

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Merits of carrageenan

The antioxidant activity remains one of the common reasons why people use it as a health supplement. Not only does it support the digestive system but it’s often used when making capsules.

Antioxidant capabilities

A recent study shows that the oligosaccharides present exhibit antioxidant capabilities. This helps greatly in supporting cells from damage from oxidative stress.

Management of gastric discomfort

The supplements greatly help in managing discomfort and stomach irritation.

Digestive health support

The supplement helps the digestive system in supporting the regular movement of the bowels. The old method of preparing carrageenan involves boiling seaweed in milk, water or drink solution producing a resulting fluid.

Signs one needs carrageenan

Those with high levels of cholesterol might consider signing up for chitin supplements. Those with poor kidney function might opt for chitin supplements. The main indicators of kidney failure are poor appetite, insomnia, and physical weakness. Intestinal disorders bring about inflammation which shows how chitin can be of assistance. Chitin supplements help in skin grafting and weight management.

Products that contain carrageenan

Other top ingredients which might be beneficial are green tea extracts. They are derived from the tea plant and are scientifically known as camellia sinensis. The antioxidant capabilities make it useful as a health supplement. Astaxanthin remains a chemically classified keto-carotenoid. This yellow pigment is present in most leafy vegetables and is preferred as an antioxidant and health supplement.

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With over 7 billion people globally, there is no greater urge to secure safe and reliable global food supplies. Carrageenan remains a food ingredient present in several beverages and foods that are nutritious and pocket-friendly. This seaweed extract is approved for usage in organic foods. Being affordable, its use enables manufacturers to deliver healthy and nutritious products.